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I hv repeatedly told mil not to cut my baby hair as I don't believe cutting shorter will help baby's hair to grow faster and I love my baby hair. My husband and i weren’t planning on cutting her hair for a while. Until yesterday, I saw a change on my baby hair and it looks awful (uneven cutting). I don't wish to confront my mil cos I knew she will deny it...but I'm very upset by her action. What should I do to avoid this to happen again?

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Hard to avoid this from happening again if you don't intend to bring up this issue to her. Must let her know that you know what she did so that she won't do anything behind your back again. You don't need to confront her.. Maybe just comment something like" how come baby's hair look so different today? "and see what she says.

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If u want to prevent it from happening again, she has to know that you know and you don't like it. Get your husband to talk to her and firmly state your position. Find some before and after pictures to prove that you know something was done to her hair.

Hi, Best is to tell you husband to talk to your MIL, Else, you can also have a word with your MIL telling her nicely, that you do not like short hair on your baby.

Tell your husband to tell your mother in law.... it’s the only way to resolve i guess

Get your husband to talk to your MIL. It's easier that way to prevent conflict

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You can either tell your mil nicely or ask your husband to tell her instead.

Hais. Sorry to hear that. Will be better to ask ur hubby talk to ur mil.

Ask your Husband to talk to his mother. Will be better

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Ask your husband to have a word with his mother.

Just tell her directly