My baby has so little hair on his head. I see other babies with a head full of thick hair but it has been 6 months and my baby is still almost bald. Will she ever grow her hair?

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Most babies are born with little or no hair on their heads, although some do arrive with a full head of locks -- it is different for all babies. Any hair that does come with the baby at birth or hair that grow soon after, will end up falling out anyway. This is not a cause for concern but rather a normal process. Baby hair falls out to make way for the mature hair. Both baby hair and mature hair grow in at different rates, but you can usually expect mature hair to start growing in at around 6 months of age. Feed baby on a flexible schedule to ensure that baby gets the necessary vitamins and minerals for healthy hair growth. Thiamine, or vitamin B-1, helps convert food into energy that is needed for healthy skin and hair. Biotin, or vitamin B-7, is also important to the hair growth cycle. In addition, vitamin A helps the production and regulation of hormones, which can influence hair growth in babies. Ask your doctor if you or your baby needs supplements as they relate to breast- or formula-feeding routines and your baby's nutrition. On a personal note, I was without hair or had very little up till 1.5 years. My hair started growing at a rapid pace soon after and I had a head full of thick hair. Don't worry about it ☺

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My daughter, now 3 year old used to be a botak until she's 1.5yrs. We had initial worries, but glad we did not succumb to old wives tales (rubbing XO onto the scalp, etc) Now 3, she has such a long mane of hair she refuses to cut. Cos' she wants to be a princess... ;) My twin girls are 8 months and all they have is a tuft of hair in the centre - affectionately termed the mohawk look. Probably the only times they will sport a Mohawk! That said, it just takes time. Not every child is the same :)

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Typically, a newborn will "shed" the hair they are born with and hair grow will enter a new growth cycle. The hair that grows in this stage will be what your baby’s actual hair will be (and may likely appear different from the type he/she had when he/she was first born). The growth rate differs for every baby. For some, it may take up to two to three years to have a great head of hair. Don't worry too much! Every baby is different so give your baby's hair some time. :)

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My friend's dgt is born with very little hair. She applied some baby oil on her scalp everyday. Her dgt is now 5 and she has beautiful hair! Don't give up trying, mummy!