Hyperthyroidism In 12 Weeks Of Pregnancy

I feel super lethargic for the last few weeks plus occasional palpitations. Went for a check-up and the doctor pointed out a possibility of thyroid. We did a thorough blood test last week and it came back with Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (CMIA) of 0.01 (normal would be 0.35-4.55). I am super worried now but a friend doc who is majoring in endocrine says not to worry and to retake the blood test in week 16. Anyone has any experience with thyroid during pregnancy? What should I do? What should I avoid doing? This is my 4th pregnancy, by the way, and I'm 41 this year ?

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Saya tp dh selamat brsalin...Baby pun oke xda masalah apa pun cuma after brsalin doc ambik darah baby utk check tp baby sy ok xda pun tyroid...Kdg time hamil je ada..Doc pun ad suggest sy check lg tgk still ada or tak tp blum buat..😁Tunggu habis pntang dulu..