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Hi mummies.. i’m at 9 weeks plus now and before this I had miscarriage at 8 weeks last year.. this is my first baby.. I just can’t stop thinking if the baby is okay or not. My mind will be continuously thinking if D baby still have heartbeat and is everything is okay with the baby during this pregnancy. I did went for a scan 1 week ago and they only given me appointment after 2 weeks. How to overcome this fear? It’s really effecting my sleep since I’m also super worried I will crush the baby bcz of my weight. #pleasehelp #advicepls #firstmom

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9week masih awal lagi tu. Sebab tu doctor bagi 2weeks time untuk rescan. Biasanya scan tak nampak sangat. Awal pregnancy ni kena jaga elok, jangan lasak sangat. Makan vitamin yang doctor syorkan, folic acid paling penting. Jangan terlalu risau, kalau kalini ada rezeki insyaallah semuanya okay sahaja.

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Don't think too much about past miscarriage. Jgn stress2 ye. Think positive always. Jgn lupa makan folic acid bg baby kuat dan sihat. Kalau risau about condition baby, blh pergi klinik swasta fr scan baby every month blh or 2 mggu sekali blh. Kalau kt kk mmg scan tak kerap sbb patient terlalu ramai.

I feel you. pernah gugur 2 Kali sebelum betul2 jadi Kali ni, InshaAllah. be positive, doakan yg baik2. jgk fikir banyak yg negative okay