Postpartum blues

Hi everyone . I am a new mother to my first baby who is now 14 days old . Started from the 4th day after delivery, I came home for my confinement and I have been feeling teary and sad up until today. My confinement lady is taking care my newborn most of the day, but i don’t know why I’m feeling like this . I feel like my life will change drastically , what have I done , why am I thinking like this I feel so guilty I feel like a bad mom. I have gone through multiple failed IUI and IVFS and miscarriage for in 6 years of my infertility journey, and I had my miracle baby in my arms now but why am I feeling like this :( I just want to get better I just want to be happy again. The day is hard especially when the sun is going down. My husband is very supportive though. My feelings come and go . They only last for a few minutes up to an hour then I’m ok. Any of you experience this , how long did it get better ? I really hope to get better and not have this minded and be a good wife and mother to my baby . Thank you .

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hai sama dengan saya 😌 baru sampai kampung seminggu dah bersalin. belum prepare apa sangat tapi em mental belum ready. should be 30th april due tapi saya melahirkan on 3rd april. awal sangat. baru sampai dari kl to bki seminggu dah bersalin takpa suami di sisi. jaga baby sorang sorang. suami tentera takda cuti. dahla baby prolonged jaundice. sakit bersalin belum sembuh dah jalan jalan pegi kkia. penat sangat mentall habis. saya pun asal malam sedih ja nangis sampai mata bengkak. lepas baby lahir saya takut sbb hidup saya akan berubah 360° dan yes betul😅 saya dah serik hahahhha sekali cukup🙃

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Hi. Everyone got different path and test. Mine, my baby have experience jaundice for long period. So then i need to go to hosp even at 3am since im not stayed there to bf her. Plus my bf journey also going very challenging. Yes, im got postpartum blues too since really shock - not have enough sleep, need to take care my diet, my husb help me to take care my baby but yes still felt depressed. Whatever is it, you Muslim always zikr and get other helper for some help. If you are non muslim, still remember God and at this moment everyone need support.

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