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Hi mummies, this is my first pregnancy. My first day of last period is 26/7, I went for an ultrasound on 31/8 and the dr said the baby should be 2 or 3 weeks and it's at the perfect spot. At that time I had cramps, swollen breasts, and a few other symptoms. Now I'm not having any symptoms except for bloating and only sometimes I feel tired if I work. Is this normal? The dr gave me an appointment on 21/9 but till then I'm quite worried if the baby is alright or what. Coz I googled about this and it stated there will be symptoms during this time. Since it's my first pregnancy I'm kind of confused. Kindly advice mummies!!!

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Hi, Good Day to you👋 Congratulation on your first baby! All I can say is, that's normal. Most pregnant lady will have different pregnancy symptoms. Plus there are actually lots of pregnancy symptoms. Most common is morning sickness but what you are having now, bloating and fatigue are the symptoms too. As for myself I've never had morning sickness during my first pregnancy. Alhamdulillah 😊 Mine were bloating, heartburn, cramping, loss of smell sense and others. But was not all the way my journey. As long as there is no spotting/bleeding with severe cramping. If this happens, you need to rush to clinic/hospital. Anyways, take a good care of yourself and enjoy your pregnancy journey 😊🌹

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Thank you so much for your kind advice ❤️

Its normal. Going to 6weeks, the symptoms will worsen over the time. As long as there is no bleeding/ spotting until 9-10weeks, you will see the fetus is developing and you can start hearing the baby’s heartbeat. For now, just maintain with healthy lifestyle, drink plenty of water, eat healthy food and try to get enough sleep. Enjoy your pregnancy ya dear. Welcome to parenthood ☺️😘

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