How to decide on your gynaecologists and private/public hospital?

I dont know what I want ? I dont have any preferred gynae in mind, or hospital at the moment. I'm just worried to spend a lot if I choose private. I heard that a child can spend more than 10k if choose private? At the moment, I went to polyclinic to get referral letter to KK to do the 1st scan. However, I still have not decided whether to stick to Kk or what. Why do you choose certain gynae or certain hospital ? And, does that gynae that u visit everytime will also deliver the baby for u?

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Hi I went to kkh first under private class but the waiting time pretty long. I paid $400 for my first kkh. Since the waiting time too long I decided to go to private hospital mount Alvina. My gyne dr Candice Wang is from ACJ clinic at Mount Alvina waiting time is abt 1/2 hr, the consultation , scans n supplement cost each visit abt $400 to $500.after 16 wks you can sign a package with them abt $888 , supplement or other scans u still have pay abt $200++. I just delivered last nov 2020, I had to do emergency C section, my bill is abt 15k for 3 days stay A class ward. Hope this helps

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Kkh is known to have very long waiting time. I'm now under kkh as private and the waiting time is still quite long.. if waiting is not something that's ok for you, you might want to consider lower density private hospital. I choose Kkh despite hating the long waiting time because I'm having a slightly complicated pregnancy and I choose the gynae that I trust. So for the sake of that gynae I just tahan the rest.

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Actually the price for Private verse Government hospital would be almost the same. TmC has a basic packaged from 6th week of pregnancy till delivery (my gynae charge me $650 with GST but this price is exclusive of blood test and suppliment ). You could do some of the blood tests in polyclinic and that will be a lot cheaper, such as fasting Ogtt which only cost me $15.

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I choose a private gynae who delivered my niece and my sis in law sing praises of. Though I have to pay a lot more but I’m assured by seeing the same gynae. This is my first pregnancy hence I’m being more cautious. But if I ever have the 2nd one. I’ll go with KKH before changing into a private gynae during week 20

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When i find out i was pregnant using the pregnancy test kit the next day i went to the polyclinic to check and the results is positive so the person ask me do you want to go KKH or NUH? i just straight away choose NUH cause i heard from some people that i know said that NUH is better

if u have choose a dedicated gynea, it will consider as PRIVATE PATIENT. 1st visit will be more exp ( can remember how much), subsequent visit will be about $150 ( include gynea visit, routine test). During deliver, u will need to choose either A or B1 class.

Yes private will be alot more expensive but u can use ur medisave to pay. The gynae will help u deliver ur baby. Choose certain gynae because of their stitching skills. My was Jocelyn wong from mount alvernia she was well known for stitching

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How much is the difference in price may i know? Like how much to pay with medisave and how much to pay with cash.

If you are ok with different gynae every single time you visit. Then KKH is fine. Otherwise having a private gynae allows he or she to follow your case throughout will be better. Because he or she will know your body best.

I choose my gynae which receommend by my fren. Waiting time usually around 10mins?? The most 15mins so far... And feel assuring with him. So stick to him since first visit.

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Also, doesn’t mean private dr outside kkh has shorter waiting time. I have waited 2 hours for kkh dr and also same for tmc dr.

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Tmc is the 2nd highest density hospital after kkh.. I think all highly dense hospitals have long waiting hours.. I wonder if hospital like parkway or glen would have shorter waiting time.