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baby milk powder
When to change milk powder for baby? Is it follow the guidelines like when he is 0-6 use 1 and thn 6 to bla bla use 2?
Yes correct.
My five month old baby giving me less attention but small to my relatives moree.. what is happening??only have interest to my singing but not talking
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I think they are still not sure of surrounding so don’t think negative
Can only say talk to bb more
How did uall deal with saggy breat after breastfeeding?any cream to apply or medicine to eat?
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Hi... general guidelines on How to prevent sagging breasts 1. Wear a supportive bra. ... 2. Exercise regularly. ... 3. Moisturize and exfoliate your skin. ... 4. Practice good posture. ... 5. Consume
Hair losss
How long will hair loss last after giving birth. I have been dropping alot lately😫
Hey, it is very common and it may last for 3-4 months. Better to cut your hair short for couple of months. Easier to maintain
Me! Drop a lot, and my LO love to pull my hair too.
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It is weird that I do not have any hair loss? My hair became thicker and so fast grow 😅
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Very common. Maybe you can cut your hair shorter, it'll help!
Don't worry - this is common, and will grow back! Usually stops around 6 months
Do uall feed baby woodwards gripe water?how do uall feed? My MIL said to drink 5ml directly but i tot mixing water will be water cause i scared it will be too strong for my 4 month old baby
Even if you mix water it's still the same amount so how will the strength be different... If you're scared too strong can just feed smaller dose
I did... Not mix water
I use the syringe to feed my babies.
I did. I mix in his water everyday, he's 9.5months now :)
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Not necessary to add water
My babies just accidentally swallowed my hair is it okayyy??? My hair is quite long
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Oh dear, i hope the hair is being fully swallowed so bb cab poo it out. Just worried it's in the throat that cause bb to be uncomfortable and choking feeling.
Does ur 4th month baby keep on screaming. Like happy also scream sad also scream
No. Only cried when feeling sleepy and wanting me to carry and pat to sleep. Otherwise will smile back when smiling and talking to her.:)
My baby suddenly doesn't smile as much recently.when I call for him he doesnt respond much. Is he okay? He is 4th month old now.😫
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He’s probably trying to pick up new skills, and sometimes the previously learnt skills take a backseat for a while. As long as his hearing is intact, responds to sounds, and is otherwise well, he sho
4 month old shouldn't be able to recognize his name yet and maybe he's busy playing or distracted with something else, they have different moods too. As long as it's not prolonged I think should be no
Could your baby be not feeling well??
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Hi... I think it’s normal. But if you’re worried, please bring your child to see a doctor or pediatrician
I started having rashes when my baby is 4th month. Is this normal? The rashes come and go
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Looks like hives, especially if they come and go. I had them and my mum still has them regularly. Antihistamines should do the trick. Go to a pharmacy, talk to the pharmacist. Many antihistamines can
Best to see doc!
Best to seek doc's advice, could be an allergic reaction?
Looks like hives to me. Better to see dr
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I had rashes from his birth until i think 2 or 3 months. It doesnt look like that though.
mummiess rashess
Do you guys have rashes easily after birth I started having rashes when my baby is around his 4th month. Is it normal?? Like I get itchy very easily.
Mayb is heat rash? Due to haze
B4 birth ve