Private antenatal care but delivery in govt hospital

Hi, is there anyone here seeing a private gynae for their monthly scans but instead of engaging their private gynae for delivery went to deliver at govt hospital? I'm thinking of doing this as my private gynae delivery charges and as well as the private hospitals charges he's delivering at, are quite high. But I'm not sure how to go about it? Do I walk in the I govt hospital for delivery? Or do I at need to book a gynae at govt hospital?

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Yes, you may do so. You must might wanna book appt at the govt hospital under private to see if u could get an earlier date. So ur gynae (in govt hospital) can monitor and keep track of ur baby growth accordingly and knows wad to expect. Also, u might want to request from ur private gynae ur scans result etc, for u to show to hr gynae at govt hospital I hope u get the appt before 30weeks. I don't suggest u to make the changes when u are at ur 35weeks.

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12mo ago

thanks so much for this!

book gynae at govt hosp for private rate, or request appt through polyclinic visit if you want a subsidized rate.