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breast pump recommendation
Any good breast pump to intro and how much? Do u buy 2 breast pump? 1 at home and 1 for bringing to work?
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I have 2! 1 spectra S1 that I leave in the office and a real Bubee to bring around.
When did u start to take supplement
I just visited my gynae ard 14 weeks. However, he didnt prescribe me any supplement or ask me to start supplement. He still gave me the folic acid, prenavit, and duphaston. He said my oscar test and b
Fish oil and calcium supplements will be prescribed by the doctor from 2nd trimester onwards. In the meanwhile continue to take the folic acid and other supplements given by your doctor. If u are worr
Popping supplement pills is not the best way to get nutrients. Although eat out often, as long as your food intake is balanced and you are mindful of what you eat, there’s no necessity for pills. Henc
Folic acid and pre natal vits are supplements what.
Dun worry too much. Believe in ur gyane and eat everything in moderation.
Isn’t prenavit already a supplement? How come you still on duphaston?
When did you knw the gender of baby.
Im now 14 weeks. Doctor scanned and said high chance is girl😍. But not confirmed. He said next visit 18 weeks he will confirm again.
Week 20
Week 20
Mine at 20weeks. First scan my LO show his penis 😅
Haha when i was at 15-16 weeks dr also said mine's likely a girl. Then during the detailed scan, it was a boy😅
Week 20
Having v little blood streak in my white discharge
I saw 2 fine red blood streak in my panty liner this aftnoon, but when i wiped after toilet, nothing on the toilet paper. and i monitor the whole day. Nothing more. 14 weeks ++ now. Anyone has similar
I visit gynae today for check up. My gynae said it is normal, but still ask me stop exercise and sex intercourse. But he dint say anything.
Yes, I've had brown discharge when I wipe. The gynae said it is nothing to worry, unless the blood flow is heavy or bright red. In still pregnant after 2 months.. Can consult gynae just for a peace of
Do check with gyane to be on the safe side.
Do you buy pregnancy pillow ?
If yes pls share the pic. Does it help with your sleeping ?
I bought a dreamgenii pillow from mothercare. Personally, i felt that it does help to me to hv a comfortable sleep. It helped me to lie on my sides when i sleep and it "hugged" my bump nicely while p
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Didn’t buy. Heard mixed reviews about it.
Skin & Body changes during pregnancy
What changes have u experienced ? I noticed i have darker armpits frm week 13, and my linea nigra also started to appear longer and darker than week 10. I have developed some bacne which i didnt have
Same here. Dont feel like i had the pregnancy glow, esp since i always feel so sick and tired to even groom myself as compared to pre-pregnancy. Only towards the end of my third trimester now, that i
Anyone heard abt the nub theory to predict gender of baby at 12 weeks
Never heard of this before. I used a gender calendar to predict baby's gender. Pretty accurate so far....
Fetal doppler
Anyone using fetal doppler ? Any brand to recommend?
Heard it’s not safe to use.. best to check with gynae
Best not to use
I got the xiaomi one
I bought one at carousell.
Do you want to check with ur gynae whether using this is safe at home?
12 weeks doing Oscar Test
I went for Oscar test today. The sonographer said the baby is quite active, kept on moving. She took a long time to capture the most accurate measurement. And, baby grew as 65mm, 12 weeks 5 days (my
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A layer of rough, darker, dry patch skin
I find that i have this growing around my back neck and chest area from 11 weeks onwards. Do you have this ? It is very ugly and feeling rough when i touch it. My colleague said she had when she pregn
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Hi... every pregnant women is unique. If you’re concern, please consult your gynecologist