Any recommended female Gynae from KK hospital or TMC

Hello, this is #1stimemom and can you share with me any of the gynae that you think is good? Patient and good stitching. Haven't pick which hospital to go and heard that if you've any complication the private hospital will still send you to KK. Do share with me your thought or experience pls if any.

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Hi mummy! My gynae was Dr Wee weiwei-sterkly in KKH. I was a gov-private patient so my gynae is the same throughout and I wanted a single room (Class A). Dr wee is very patient, kind and understanding. I undergo C sec cause baby was in breech position and her stitching skills was clean and tidy. I chose KKH because its my 1st baby and also considering any unexpected emergencies, KKH is fully equipped with facilities to save baby or me. And also i was diagnosed with Prenatal depression, I was also visiting the psychiatrist in KKH (Dr Helen chen) , who is very experienced in assisting mummies with Pre and post natal depression. Cons is just that you'll always need to wait for minimum 2hrs for like blood test, full detail scans cause there's no priority in those clinics. The price for KKH private patient and private hospital isnt much diff. So If you dont have financial burden and not much worries, just choose private. KKH private, everything add up (pre+post delivery + medication+baby hospitalization fees) -medisave = Est $9K+ (this est is without psychiatrist visits) Hopefully this could give you some insights on your choices.

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Hi mummy! I can recommend you my gynae. Her name is Dr Sim wen shan under KKH. She did an amazing job for my stitching. I was up and about at 3weeks. Even went shopping after 😂 She’s very kind and gentle, will share with you her own personal experience as a mother too. Makes you feel the warmth and all hahah. Very professional also, I almost went for C-sect cause my son didn’t want to come out after hours of labour but Dr Sim was confident I could do vaginal. She did assisted delivery for me and it was successful! So thankful I didn’t had to go for C-sect!! EOD I chose KKH cause I was worried about complications. During my delivery, I have seen and heard numbers of emergencies. While they were doing my epidural, my doc had to run out cause another women was having ‘CODE GREEN,’ and a few hours into my labour I heard a ‘CODE BLUE’ everytime I hear the emergency announcement I will see teams of docs rushing to the room! That’s how fast KKH will react to emergencies.

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My gynae Dr Crystal Chin Hsin

Dr Crystal Chin!