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Has anyone ever decided to give birth in private hospitals but ended up changing your minds to go to public hospitals instead? Since I have done my checkups at a private clinic and my gynae is from a private hospital, am I still allow to go to public hospitals instead to deliver my baby than to go to private hospitals? I need advice please as I still unable to decide should I go to private or public.

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You are allowed to change to public subsidies if that's what you are referring to. I'm currently with private clinic for my antenatal package but inform Dr I won't have him as my delivering gynae due to financial constraints. Go polyclinic to get referral letter for the public hospital you want, bring all your existing pregnancy test report along for your hospital appointment & the remaining antenatal check up you can stick to your private.

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2y ago

Ok thank you so much for your advices. Really much appreciated. 😃

Are u referring to Singapore hospitals? To go for govt restructured hospital under subsidised scheme u need a referral from polyclinic. But if u intend to still be a private patient but at hospitals like KKH and NUH, u can just book an appt there directly.

2y ago

Yes singapore hospitals