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When should hubby stop overseas trips in 3rd trimester?
My hubby travels often for business trips overseas. When should I ask him to stop in case our baby arrive early?
Can never be sure. During my last gynae visit, gynae said baby will be in me for next 2 weeks at least but she decided to make her arrival the very next day!
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Infant Care
I’m still debating when to send my baby to infant care vs home based nanny. How much can infants learn at infant care? At what age is best?
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Sending mine to infant care at 4mo. I strongly believe that it'd be better for baby's growth and development although they only sleep and feed most of the time - teachers are trained and there are sti
Weight gain
I am overweight, but I only put on 2.5kg so far at 24 weeks. Is that ok? At 20 weeks detailed scan baby’s measurements were all ok.
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Thanks everyone. Gynae confirmed it’s fine but I also put on more weight already. 😅
As long as baby is ok everything is good. All the best to you!
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Dun worry, all is going to be fine
As long as doc said ok and baby is healthy is good :)
I’m at 32 weeks.. put on a total of 15 kg so far :(
Portable breast pump?
I have bought a Spectra S1+ and am unsure if I should still get a portable electric dual pump for work, travel, etc. please recommend! TIA
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Portable ones like S9 or medela freestyle. S1 can put at home, cos bulky. Its more convenient to bring electric pump, not so tiring..