I am 11 weeks pregnant, visited two gynae. 1st Doctor just prescribe folic acid, said my stage doesn't need calcium yet. I dun think provide enough nutrient for baby, so I am wondering whether to take fish oil, calcium & vitamin c from 3 months onwards. I asked 2nd doctor he also said just need folic acid for current stage, but my next check up baby is already 4 months. I hv a friend who is 3 months pregnant, doctor prescribed multi vitamin, calcium & fish oil. Any advice? 1st time pregnant lack of knowledge and worried of baby growth.

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My gynae prescribed folic acid and multi vitamin during the first trimester. After first trimester, he prescibed multi vitamin containing folic acid and calcium pills. He mentioned that fish oil is optional. But many opted for fish oil, hence i follow suit. Taking folic acid can lower the risk of your baby developing a defect in his spinal cord (neural tube defect). The neural tube defect spina bifida happens when nerves in the spinal cord are exposed and damaged. Don't worry and you should trust your gynae and listen to him. You shouldn't need to take supplements to get the rest of your vitamins and minerals. All you need to do is make sure you have a variety of healthy foods. A balanced diet is the best way to get the nutrients you and your baby need.

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no! 1. please don't take fish oil. you can't sure about whether it's good one or not. Bcoz if there fish liver oil, that may affect the baby. 2. if you want to take vit c, don't take as tablets alternatively, drink more oranges without accompanying the tea! 3. increase more greeny leaves n dates, it will enhance your iron but after 3 months completed. 4. if you want calcium, drink milk! that's more than enough. baby will take wisely everything from you. so don't worry. don't take any multivitamins or tablets unwantedly until 5 months finish unless your doctor's prescription. congrats & good luck! you're doing great!

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My doc prescribed Folic Acid and D3 vitamin ( based on my blood test I had D3 deficiency in some level) only, in 2nd trimester (week 15) she prescribed me pregnant care vitamins. 11th week is the time baby's neural system is developing the most basic thing is folic acid. So don't worry but eat very healthy. Do not forget walnut, red fruits (berries), dried or fresh apricots, spinach, salads, and raisin if you can find some and you don't have any allergy to it. Avoid dishes which have Mercury during pregnancy. Stay safe and healthy.

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first trimester only need folic acid. 3rd month onward Dr will prescribe multi vits. anyway I didn't take the multi vits dr prescribe since I can't swallow it so I only take chewable iron in the morning and chewable calcium at night on my 2nd trimester onward. Dr said it's alright as long as we eat balanced food intake. so far I am on my 32 weeks and everything is alright, baby didn't grow overweight nor underweight either and hopefully baby can wait till full term 40 weeks only come out XD

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Personally I drink milk on daily basis, switched to preggy milk now. My doctor said the same but to be honest as a nutritionist I do agree. unless you are not getting enough nutrients on regular basis. Suggest to start multis, dha & even calcium when entering 2nd trimester. for myself, i would love to start them but I am super nauseous everyday, making it hard for me to get iron-containing preggy multis. so I ll start them once I am getting better hopefully by 2nd trimester

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Hi Agnes, would you mind share what type of milk arw you taking before and present? Thank you :)

my nurse gave me obimin. u need to get enough nutrients for ur child. she advice me this which i think its important for u to know. iron rich food should be avoid taken with calcium because this 2 repels each other. both should be taken not at the same time. meaning to say need a gap. hope this helps.

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Ooooh anonymous I feel you 100%. Im 9 weeks, no appetite, bloated, tired eish cc. I've also been advice to relax and take just folic acid. I can't wait to move on from my first trimester! I'm kept by the grace of God :) Hope you are encouraged!

I was 7 weeks when I first go to gynae. She prescribed me folid acid and calcium already for 1 month. I follow and trust her, maybe each of us have different needs. Well this is my first pregnancy also, and I am going 10 weeks. Good luck for you.

you are different from your friend. Maybe because the fruits and nutrition you are currently taking equip both you and your baby... listen to the expects... they better, don't compare your pregnancy to that of your friend.

2nd trimester is required to have a calcium coz this trimester needs baby more calcium for the development of the bone of the baby some doctor also prescribed omega 3 at the same time ❤️