I am 11 weeks pregnant, visited two gynae. 1st Doctor just prescribe folic acid, said my stage doesn't need calcium yet. I dun think provide enough nutrient for baby, so I am wondering whether to take fish oil, calcium & vitamin c from 3 months onwards. I asked 2nd doctor he also said just need folic acid for current stage, but my next check up baby is already 4 months. I hv a friend who is 3 months pregnant, doctor prescribed multi vitamin, calcium & fish oil. Any advice? 1st time pregnant lack of knowledge and worried of baby growth.

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Before week 12 is folic acid but you still can take it until you have finished it. After that, you can take fish oil, obimin and calcium. In the meantime, you may take pregnancy milk. ;)

I took Preg Omegas Plus frm the time I was trying to conceive...its 3tablets dat contain all de bby may need....therefore I have no need to keep changing my pills month to month.

yes...calcium should be taken at 22 weeks of pregnancy or at fifth month to help avoid Pre-eclampsia during labor. Take their advice because they know best than us.

Thanks for answering my question (: Oh bcoz I hv poor appetite now, even lose weight. So I thought that supplements are very essential to me.

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If u worry can take mummy milk powder, it have all tge nutrition and vitamin for pregnant women.

I am on my 11 weeks and my doctor prescribed me folic acid only . he said I dont need any vitamins at this stage . folic acid is enough.

I think its best to follow your doctor instead of taking multi vitamins without consulting. And congrats on your pregnancy

If you're prenatal vitamins include all the folic acid, magnesium,calcium.. Etc.....you do not need extra pills.Too much is not good.

my doc gave me calcium, iron tablets after my anamoly scan,ie, after 19 weeks

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Im 18weeks, I take mosvit, calvit and sorbifer every day.

me too 11 weeks