Prenatal supplements and milk?

Hi! I am 10 weeks today. Had a lot of conflicting information from doctor and nurses and friends and networks on supplements. What do u follow? Taking folic acid 500mg/day through Blackmore prenatals (which included vitamins) since week 5, gynae says only folic acid needed for first trimester Since week 9, was asked to take fish oil/ DHA. Got pregnancy fish oil from gynae but they cost a bomb and no idea if the normal fish oil would be good enough. Heard that fish oil was only needed for trimester 3 but also learnt from others that they take it throughout. Wondering if I should be just taking my Blackmore throughout my pregnancy with fish oil. Will there be any issues if folic acid is taken in second /third tri since they come tgt in Blackmore? Any folic acid overdose problem? I learnt about obimin but was not given any. What about pregnancy milk? Are they needed? I am not a milk drinker so I take it through my kopi -C siew dai.... Advice anyone? Thanks!!!

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Super Mum

I was given obimin throughout pregnancy and DHA in 3rd trimester. Pretty sure your Blackmore's work the same as obimin. Pregnancy milk is different from normal milk. You can request for samples from all the milk companies that make pregnancy milk - try before buying