what did your gynae prescribe you in first trimester?

mine gave me iron tablet, calcium and 10,000mcg of folic acid. just wondering if its normal because i read calcium and iron usually only 2nd trimester onwards?

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Usually folic acid 5mg in the morning is more than sufficient for the average pregnant lady for the first trimester; then obimin daily from 2nd trimester onwards. Iron and Ca tabs are not part of the standard regime and evidence is limited when it comes to giving it indiscriminately to every pregnant patient - but they may be indicated if you have other medical issues or if your gynae is concerned about iron deficiency anemia or calcium deficiency. Do check with her if you’re unsure! That’s the best option

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My gynae only prescribed me with folic acid & multivitamin for the first trimester. After that, he gave me Fish Oil and Calcium.

So far first Tri, my gynae says folic acid is all that is needed. Any others would be 2nd tri onwards.

folic acid and vitamin D only. start calcium and iron from tri 2

Only folic for me. Calcium and others in 2nd tri

Mine is folic acid, calcium and multivitamin

Folic acid only for first trimester