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Hi all, I am prescribed with folic acid, fish oil and calcium tablet. Just wondering do you still take folic acid during your 2nd trimester?

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Yes, have to continue taking throughout. If you don't want to take so many pills, if you have Blackmores pregnancy gold, then you can take instead. My sil says it's really good, and continues post partum too.

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No need to take folic acid supplements separately during 2nd trimester. The multi vitamins supplements are sufficient enough for 2nd trimester nourishment, together with a balanced healthy diet.

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Usually after second trimester, dr will prescribe multivitamins such as obimin or ganilia or many more.. all these vitamins consist of folic acid. So dont need to eat folic acid separately..

im at 16wks now.. i got New obimin which contains folic acid, fish oil & calcium tablets.. just had another appt last Fri and gynae added in Iberet Folic which is mainly iron+folic

My doc says no need to continue folic acid he gave me for 1st trimester when I was in 2nd trimester but the multivitamins he prescribed has low amounts.

If ur multivitamin contains folic acid too, then dont need to take additional. However, always check with ur Dr and pharmacist :)

I stop folic acid becoz Gynae prescribe Multivitamin for me during 2nd trimester, which contain folic acid


I was prescribed obimin which also contains folic acid inside, no need to take the folic acid medication.

Gynae stop prescribing folic once reach 2nd tri. Was given multivitamin, fish oil and calcium

No. I stop taking taking folic acid after 12 weeks. I started taking calcium & blackmores.