Vitamin during pregnancy? What do you consume?

Hi mummies, could you please share the vitamins that you are taking on 2nd tri and 3rd tri? I am currently week 30 but noticed cramp here and there, back pain and bleeding gum sometimes - when i google it says lack of calcium and magnesium. My friend also said could be i lack or calcium. The only vitamin i am taking right now is prenatal vitamin. I asked my gynae if i shd take calcium he say no need and all those symptoms are normal🫤 #firsttimemom #advicepls #FTM

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My gynae prescribed multi-vitamin (with iron supplement) called Obimin. She also also gave me DHA. In my recent blood test I’m low on red blood count so my gynae gave me additional supplement for iron. I’m also taking calcium supplement as I absolutely hate drinking milk (this you can skip if you like to drink milk and can be replaced with maternal milk). My calcium supplement is called Suncal-D. But it has to be taken separately from iron supplement so I usually take them 4 hours apart. :)

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My gynae prescribed calcium, DHA and iron. My other pregnant friend was just given pre natal vitamins which include some calcium too though so should be good enough! Cramps and back pain sound normal for pregnancy and pregnancy gingivitis is normal :) esp if you haven’t gone cleaning for a while, remember to floss and brush well.

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Im taking pure calcium milk supplement prenatal vits and DHA softgels . all is ask to be taken by my clinic ! and yes i purchased all the supplements from them . usually they will tell u to take calcium supplements , u should ask them~

Hi Mummy! Prenatal vit is good enough for the basic essential that you need! You can get some Vit B from your Gynea! ima given that when ima experiencing cramps on my legs and hands and it helps.

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But my pee is always a bit greenish after taking the prenatal vit haha but gynae say could be due too much vit B 😂🫨

My gynae prescribed me calcium, vitamin D and DHA