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Hi, can I ask what medicine does doctor provide usually during the first trimester? Doctor prescribed duphaston even when I do not have any spotting issues but read about the many side effects. Hence unsure if I should take it. First gynae I visited gave me folic acid and vitamin D to be taken daily. Second gynae suggested to take folic acid daily but vitamin D to once a week and prescribe additional duphaston. #1stimemom #advicepls

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I was given Duphaston since 11dpo. (Found out I was pregnant at 9dpo). Although I do not have any bleeding etc and this is my first pregnancy. Gynae said this is western “an tai Yao”. So it’s perfectly fine. I’m given duphaston (twice a day), calcium, DHA, multivitamin (twice a day) and folic acid (twice a day, 400mg each) So don’t worry!

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Duphaston is perfectly safe and it helps to stabilize the pregnancy. I didn’t have bleeding from the start, but the gynae says duphaston will definitely help to prevent bleeding and cramping. Doctor also told me to take 5mg of folic acid. But no other meds other than that.

Duphaston supplies progesterone to keep your uterus relaxed. When reaching the second trimester, the placenta will take over the job to keep fetus stable instead of progesterone. I have been taking Duphaston since week 5, and my gynae said I can stop at week 10/11.

Duphaston is prescribed to prevent threaten and recurrent miscarriage. So it’s especially important during the first trimester and even more so if your progesterone level is low during first trimester.

Hi! It’s because it’s first tri, hence the meds prescribed to ‘keep safe’ the baby. After first tri, the gynae will usually tell you to stop. 😊