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Hi Mummies, I’m a sub patient at NUH currently week 8. Doctor only told me to eat Folic acid. Is that normal? I am in a group chat with same EDD mummies and they are eating blackmores pregnancy vitamins, iron, calcium pills too? Currently I’m taking fish oil, folic acid and iron. Only folic acid was requested by doc. I’ve been taking fish oil even before I got pregnant. My next visit is in Nov, and I just wanna know if I should buy the pregnancy multivitamins first or should I wait till I’m 12 wks to ask the doc at my next visit? #pleasehelp

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I was sub patient at NUH too. I also took folic acid only in first trimester. Then doctor will prescribe multivitamin from second trimester onwards. I had the same worries as you when I knew other mummies were taking many types of vitamin but every time the gynae at NUH said I don’t have to. Don’t worry mummy! My baby is healthy and fit since born :) Gynae will advise you based on your health condition, if they don’t ask u to take other supplement, means you are healthy!

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Folic acid is the most important for first trimester. My doc gave me vitamin D also as it helps our body and baby to absorb folic better. And sometimes as office workers we don’t get as much vit D from the sun He stopped me from taking all other supplements. As certain vitamins or minerals can interfere with folic acid absorption to the Baby when taken in excess and will be counterproductive

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Hii mummies, folic Acid its sure needed during pregnant. My gynae give me folic Acid & placenta supplement & he said if want to eat blackmore pregnancy its okay also. But if u willing to wait & want to make it sure with ur gynae, u can ask them on ur next visit lo :) because so far what do u eat also necessary..

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Suggest not to anyhow take supplements. In first trimester, i was told to take folic acid only. I do noe of frens who took other vitamins as well. Those vitamins were only given in 2nd trim for me (including fish oil)

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Not sure. My gynae didnt start me on vitamins until 2nd trim. Everyone is different i guess. I rather not risk n just follow my gynae’s prescription.

only folic acid is needed during first trimester. ur baby can't absorb the multi-vitamins or fish oil during first trimester anyway. can start ur multivites and fish oil after first trimester to avoid waste :)

folic acid is enough for now actually.. then later they will give obimin which is a multivitamin


i started eating multivitamins only in 2nd trimester as per kkh doc. before that only folic acid