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How is your sex life after you get to know ure pregnant? Eapecially in the 3rd tri are you active? Is your husband understanding enough?

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Hub very understanding, he is also concern of baby's development , in case the motion will cause disturbances to our little precious. Its always good to have a heart to heart conversation with hub, it helps develop strong bonding. And understand each other better

me n husband didnt stop tho. we just minimize sex to like once/twice a month?? but once I'm in 3rd tri, he got "scared" to do it even if i wanted to hahaha so yeah

yes you should stop after 3rd tri. although it will not be problem but you should take care and ofcoz husband should be understanding in this matter

We completely put a halt to sex once we found out about the pregnancy. Yes, he’s understands & more so also afraid to hurt baby. Hahaa

We stopped at 6th month, even though the gynae advised to only stop at 7th month. Husband was very understanding! :)

We have stop once we found out we have a baby. I have totally no mood at all

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My hubby is understanding. We stopped during 3rd trimester onwards.

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for me is once in a few months.... HAHA hubby is understanding 👌

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We hv completely stopped for a while .. yes hubby understands well

Yes no more haha