How to manage sex life after having child ? My sex life is getting disturb after having child.. how one should manage it and adjust it?

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depends on how long back u had ur child. if u had ur child recently, then u could be having baby's very normal and can be looked at through counseling and your gynac can help u. managing a kid and home is what stresses us out. for women sex is more an emotional connection than for a man. we women want to feel precious, wanted, loved, accepted and desired. if your body has changed, u would be conscious about it and stressed too as u may be thinking how to get back in shape or what will ur husband feel as hes looking at u. after the process that goes through in child birth, we women don't feel comfortable in sex for a while, mostly due to discomfort or due to the fear or conceiving again. pls discuss with your husband as hes more in stress than you are. talk freely and openly about what needs to be done about this. how can you both agree to a time. talk to your gynac. this is not so bad as your mind is making it up to be. just as you manage the rest of things, u can manage this too with a little planning and a lot of communication....

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of course you must be stressed out and finding it difficult to manage time with your baby and your husband. i guess for the first year you will have to understand your baby's sleep pattern and create your sex timetable accordingly :) whenever your baby is asleep, you guys can sneak in to a different room and 'do' it ;) i think even if you guys are initially not able to make time for sex, or intercourse as such, try and do the other aspects of sex, such as oral, touching, fingering and so on, that can also help you give pleasure to each other and also help bonding.

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4y ago

But what if wife hates fingering, oral, touching?