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GA csection delivery
Hi, anyone gone for GA csection? How is the pain after wake up? Recovery how?
My c sect will be next month, i share with u later ya 😂
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Hi... any major surgery will be painful when you’re awake. C-section delivery will take about 12 weeks to heal
Lines after weared compression socks
Hi, recently, i wear compression socks to sleep but find that legs quite uncomfortable to sleep and there are lines after i take off in the morning. Is it too tight? If never wear, i am scare if leg c
Maybe you can try wearing for half the night. Not for the full night. See if in the morning you still get cramps.
Aching legs/feets
Hello, any mummies getting some kind of aching legs/feets? What can help? Aro 14 weeks..
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Yes i had backaches too. Can consider prenatal massage!
This might be a caused by increasing weight on the legs. Please see your doctor if it's making you worryingly uncomfortable.
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Hi... you might find this article informative
Oh yes it’s quite common... remember to take your calcium tabs
Elevate ur legs when sleeping.
How to stop leg cramp? So pain!
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drink some sport drinks might help
Get some sports drinks, it helps.
I feel that stretching helps
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Take pregnancy supplements and incline your legs at night. Prenatal massage also helps!
Keep active, stretch often, stay hydrated, eat bananas and possibly review your shoe choice: are they supportive? To help alleviate cramp, massages and elevating your legs can help. Good luck!
Hi, my 3 years old girl is super attached to only one teacher in childcare. She only want her and no one else. She cry when she is not in and Refuse to go school! N need her to be with her physically!
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This sounds like a temporary phase. Don't worry, mummy!
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How Long have your daughter been attending child care. In the beginning they will be like this but will get better
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This could be just a phase but the school should also know what to do in such situations.
What's the school doing about it? They will usually have a set of SOP to handle such situations cos it's impossible to have the teacher around everyway. My girl's school will make sure they rotate aro
Hi, I totally relate with this as I used to be like this haha. I suggest just leave her the way she is right now. Gradually she will understand, and this all will become a sweet memory to live by :)
DVT blood cot
Hi, anyone got dvt (blood cot) in leg after c section or during pregnancy?
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Hi... Your risk for developing blood clots increases after surgery. One type of clot you're at increased risk for is a condition called deep vein thrombosis (DVT). DVT refers to the formation of blood
Neck pain
Hi, i am having neck pain, can eat panadol during pregnancy? Use yoko yoko or salon-paste? what ways can help? Thanks.
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Better do not self medicate yourself. It is better to check over the pharmacy or your own doctor to see if it is ok first.
Compression socks
Hi, which compression socks to recommend for pregnant? Where to buy? Is it good to wear it during pregnancy? can improve blood circulation and prevent leg cramp? Thanks.
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i got it from hospital.. hahahah tmc just bill me after that😂😂😂
Hi I got my compression socks from hospital. They will help to measure ur calf and see which size suit u better.
My girl 3years plus now. Recently her childcare teacher said if she raise her voice at her for doing something not so right, my girl will cry either silently at a corner or backface her and cry.. this
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I think she is a sensitive girl. I am actually like her when I was young. I cry easily too. Try to let her understand you know how she is feeling and don't get frustrated when she is crying.. Give her
don't worry about it. I had this experience with my child too. Just depends on parents how to take care and communication with child. Went to KK Children specialist also nothing much help... The si
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yes its normal and it take times .. Try to communicate with ur lo
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Have to talk and overcommunicate to them. Toddler will take some time to register and come to terms with it
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Have you tried to talk to your Daughter and ask her why she cries? My Daughter is 3 and I ask her when she cries why she cried and she’s able to articulate herself quite well.
Trip to genting
Hello, is it ok if we take coach bus to genting at abt 16-17 weeks? Any tips? Quite worry about the long bus trip but trip was booked in advance, can’t cancel. Can we take the drowsy medicine?
I thk will be a tough trip
Consult your doc
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Consult your gynae and also dont overstrain yourself (or your bladder) ...
Do consult your gynae
Hmmm I took a coach to kl when I was 6 weeks and i was v stressed out because it was an old bus which kept vibrating. I think best not to go if you don't feel good about the journey