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Hi mummies, May I know when did you and your partner have sex again after birth? My husband and I didn't have sex since I'm pregnant until now my baby is 6 month old. Is that normal?

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We did continue to have sex after knowing I am preg. Doc said is safe. Up to your comfort level. After c sect 2months then we have sex. I believe both of us are tired. But still we need to have a healthy life style back. Not having a baby and it changes everything. Maybe u can try certain things can wait tmlo do. So as not to tired yourself. During nite time you can have sex with your hubby. Cannot totally dont do for 6month or 1yr. Or do you prefer your hubby to watch porn and release himself? What if he use to it then? I have 3 children with no helper. I am lucky my hubby does help out looking after children doing housework doing cooking. So we share each other load.

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I gave birth 8 months ago and I am still not ready to resume any sexual activities. Too tired juggling baby, work and chores. So my hub has been going without sex for close to a year. I told him to give me more time and he was understanding about it.

Immediately when the no sex time frame is up. Given what I have read, you’re not the only one but I would advised you to make an effort to resume sex before this become a norm.

As soon as the pp menses stop.. Can't wait to continue. Maybe you are too tired or hormones is still not stable... That's normal I guess

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Around 1 yr? I was csec mummy and was scared to hurt the wound.. that and didn't have the mood until my menses came back lol

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Hi... you might find this article informative

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About 2 months? Both you and your husband can start when you feel ready. No hard and fast rule

About 6 months later then my wife conceived again.