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How long are you married ? And how often do you have sex with your partner ?

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almost 4 years. 1-4 times per month. but sometimes was a stressful experience as trying hard to get pregnant. now that I'm pregnant 15weeks, only had sex once so far lol, not much mood

7 years coming to 8. We try to fix it once a week. Even though we are both home most of the time. Guess my personal drive is not high.

Depending on mood . It difficult to have sex when there is children around .

3 years. It’s getting harder with the baby 😢

newlyweds soooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣😋 tmi

2 years. Rarely with newborn around.

1 year... still active 😂😂😂

coming 7 years. still active. ❤

10 years, it differs