Any idea how to reduce jaundice ?

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Sufficient milk intake is very important as this is the major factor for clearing bilirubin from the body. Supplement with formula if milk supply is insufficient especially in the first few weeks. PD will usually ask parents to bring bb back to clinic/polyclinic to check jaundice levels after discharge fron hospital. If jaundice level is too high, need to bring to hospital for blue light treatment. It is not painful for baby and usually helps to clear bilirubin very quickly. Blue light treatment in hospital only emit the useful and non harmful wavelength of light. Suntanning doesn't work and can be harmful to baby's skin as the harmful wavelengths of UV rays are present in normal sunlight.

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Just keep latching. If blood test results shows that liver function is normal, it will go down on its own. My baby was discharged from jaundice after 2 months. Went for phototherapy twice a few days after birth. After first month, it will generally go down.

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we have to bring baby back to kkh twice a week. each checkup is about $50. from what we know, there can't be any claims on the bills. do u know of any plan? I know it's too late to buy any insurance for her now but we still have plans for more children so would be great if you could share.

Suntan early morning (between 8-10am) and evening (between 4-6pm). If you BF baby, avoid consuming food/drinks with ginger. I also go sinsei to buy Gardenia (Zhi Zi) Herb (pictured) to bathe my baby in for at least 3 days.

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Haha yup otherwise can just say to bathe baby with jaundice. They sure know one 😂

I bought "Sappan wood" from sinsei. Boiled water with 5-10 sticks. The water will turned red. Wait till the water is warm then bathe my daughter with that water. Her jaundice level drop to below 100 within 1.5weeks.

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Traditionally, to sun tan baby between 8am and 10am for 30mins or so...not too long and early morning sun not the afternoon sun...it gets too hot by then.

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Feed more milk to keep baby hydrated, top up with formula if needed. The doctor recommended not to sun the baby.

Ensure baby drink well, poop well and pee well to get better from jaundice

Sun and ensire baby is well milk hydrated..


Suntan during the day.

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suntan early morning