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Baby teether

My LO starts to put thumb into his mouth. He is currently at 12 weeks old, should I introduce teether for baby ?
Yes this age is safe to introduce pacifier.
Hi... yes, you can
Yes! Mine loves the pigeon teether which could be found at ntuc!


Is these ingredients safe for g6pd to drink ?
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Just take note, thy cant eat broadbean

Any recommendation for phonics

Any recommendations for phonics lesson for toddlers . Cheap and good .
Good pre schools will have good phonetics classes
I suggest looking for a preschool that provides phonic teaching instead of signing up enrichment course for them. I feel too tiring la, after school still need go enrichment class
Community Centre is your best choice for affordable lessons
My English School
Go to your community centre.. They have phonics classes there. Should be more affordable than the private ones

Toddler toilet train

Hi , my toddler do not like to go toilet to pee. And don’t like to split water during wash teeth. How should I Motivate him or teach him .
Kids love it when adults reward them for every single good deed they do, a bit like bribery but it works!
Put up a rewards system every time he does the right thing and stamp a star on his hand. Kids love this and will often do the things needed. As for spitting during brushing of teeth, try to look for v

Infant care

Hi hi , any parents here has review on bambini Montessori at Jalan Bukit Merah . Can share with me . Thank you !
Show how to spit while u do .. while seeing only they learn .. so just patient once they understand they do but takes time , don’t loose ur patience .. just repeat the actions

Breastfeed LO poo

Hi ,my LO is at week6 now, fully breastfeed baby . Recently his pop is yellow watery texture as shown in the pic. Not that seedy type. Is this normal for breastfeed baby ? Or is this diarrhea ?
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Hi mummy, the poop looks normal to me.. :)
Looks normal to me(:
I have breast milk pack in the chiller for about 4 days , which I won't be using already. Can I put them into freezer today ? Or have to discard it ;(
Smell the milk . If it smell not right , pls discard it .
You should have left it in the freezer from the beginning. Nonetheless, give it to your baby 1st to finish up instead of wasting it. Our breast milk is Liquid Gold ... Please don't waste it.
You can keep ya ebm in the fridge dor 3-5days. It was recommended to use it within 3 days for freshness of the BM. After 4 days, maybe you would like to smell or taste it first on whetehr it has turn
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According to this website, freshly expressed breast milk can be stored in the back of the refrigerator for up to 5 days in clean conditions. However, use or freezer storage of the chilled milk within