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How to pump at desk? Did you get a curtain or something to shield? How many times do you pump at work too? Thanks!

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Three options for me 1. Use conference room and put up dnd sign on door 2. Nursing cover (I bought a really cool nursing shall that I still used after breastfeeding) 3. Freemies breast pump, which u put in your bra and it just basically pumps milk for u

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I have not delivered but my colleagues all pump at the executive toilet. Unfortunately we do not have a nursing room in office, and the desk area is open concept with many males. There is also not enough meeting rooms.

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Use a nursing cover if you could only pump at desk. As for me, we have a nursing room at office. I pump twice at work..

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I bought those extendable curtains from daiso and wore nursing cover when I pumped at desk.

Thankfully we have a lactation room in the office and my colleagues take turns


I use nursing cover I bought from shopee only 12 bucks. And I pump 1 time.

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Me! Put on cover and just do it.. Avoid eye contact hahahaha

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I pump once at work at the baby room.

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Nursing cover is a great shield

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My wife use nursing cover