How many nap times does your toddler take? Mine Naps once a day from 12-2. Is that enough nap time?

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my LO skips nap some time. if she sleeps through for 12hours, she tends to skip. she is 28months old. if she doesnt, she tends to nap for an hour if she sleeps for 10hours or so.

mine at 20 mths.. napped 2x.. normally 1230 to 230 or 3pm den next will be 5-530pm to 630pm.. she always slp late so no choice. if one nap later she gets very fussy 😑

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My LO is 25 months old, he sleeps usually by 10-11pm and wakes up 7-8am everyday! He takes one nap a day in the afternoon - no fixed timing but naps for 1.5-3 hours :)

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My toddler's 21 months old. She naps once a day around 10am for 1-2 hours. She wakes up at 5am every day. She's our household alarm clock. Haha

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my boy still do a minimum 2.5hours -3 hours nap daily. At times he naps for 4 hours. 28 months old now.

Twice a day. 10.30am and 3pm. He wakes up at 7am and goes to bed at night at about 7pm.

That's enough. Any more than that and she won't sleep at night (neither will you...)

usually once a day 2 hr nap after lunch

once a day around 1 - 2pm

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Once a day. 1-3pm