Nap times at infant care

Hi parents with kids in infant care! What are your kids’ naps like at infant care? My 7month old needs to nap every 2 hours or so, 3 naps a day, but I noticed that a typical schedule only has one afternoon nap each day between 7-7. I’m considering enrolling him at an infant care, but I’m very protective of his naps (he has major meltdowns if he misses his naps). Can your babies/toddlers really only nap once a day?

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there is some discipline that day cares and schools build in children which sometimes parents find difficult to do. as long as he is settling well in infant care, it's okay to change his schedules a little bit as there will anyways be intrinsic changes as he grows up.

6y ago

You’re right... I’ve been following baby’s cues all along and can’t see how I’d put him on a schedule 😆 But I do also feel that at 7 months, multiple naps are not an indulgence but a necessity for their well-being and development!

usually infants will have 2 nap times (1 in morning and 1 in the afternoon). my girl's school has 2 nap times (for IFC) too, so you may want to check with the school first?

6y ago

Thanks Jasmine! I checked in with My First Skool and they said they would slowly transition babies so that they all end up napping at the same time in the afternoon. I thought it was very strange! If you don’t mind sharing, which ifc is your girl at?

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They adjust. My Daughter now has adjusted and naps from 12-2 Everyday only.

6y ago

Thanks for sharing! It must be nice to have a predictable nap schedule 😊 What was the adjustment period like? Did you also enforce the nap timing on weekends whenever possible?