how do i raise a child with good manners?

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Lead by example, and correct when you come across situations outside. Children learn from their parents the most, and whatever they see happening around them - so you have to lead by example, but also be there to correct anything you may come across others doing in public areas.

Hi, I feel that the best way to teach children good manners is to be a good role model. Children see, children do. So don't use words you don't want your child to use. And be mindful of how you talk to and treat others. Because your little one is watching everything you do!

Setting an example for your child. Every little action count, from the way you speak and treat others. Also, explain to them why doing so is important e.g. saying thank you or sorry, so that they understand the rationale behind it, instead of saying it because they have to.

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I think manners can only be taught to a certain extent. It should also be exemplified through parents behaviour at home. We need to show good manners to our children - not just to older folk but also to people like helpers, siblings, etc.

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as a parents to shower first example is the key to your child's perspective. you a parent is the role model to your child. be good and your child do better.

i think its important to lead by are watching us all the time. it wont be convincing if we are teaching 1 thing, and behaving in another manner..

I believe that you need to set your own good examples before you teaches your child on the right manner. If you set a good example, they will follow.

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We must first set a good example ourselves. How we treat our elders for eg. Read stories that tell of moral issues, Aesop's fables to your child etc

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By showing a good example! Kids follow adults! So we adults must set the ultimate good example which we want them to follow