Breast milk supply low .

How do I increase my BM supply ? At first I hv supply during my confinement during 1-2 weeks , but ever since I took cough syrup my supply went down , I’m at 2 mths plus now , I tried those lactation cookies , supplement like fenugreek, I tried to pump also but only got 1-2 drops . Help ..

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Just pump every after feed and keep your baby close and feed on demand also. But if you think your baby is not getting enough supplement him with formula so he would still get the nutrition he needs. Sometimes being sick make our milk production run low..

Hey, Try having lots of green leafy vegetables in your diet which are full of iron and hence will help in increasing breast milk supply. Also keep latching and breast feeding, you body will adapt accordingly and supply will be good soon

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My supply also went down after being sick and taking medicine. It’s like starting over again. Drink a lot of fluids, eat well, rest well.. keep latching and pumping and building up again. Will take time

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Even after 2 mths the supply will come back again ? I’ve been pumping but only like 1-2 drops per side :(

Try to eat papaya. It can help to increase breast milk. Try to relax, don't stress :)

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Try the medicine for relactation? But not sure if its safe. You can consult the expert

Try kurma milk, avocado, green papaya fish soup and keep pumping and latching.💪

Drink.lots of fluid and power pump. Don't give up. Jiayou mummy

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maybe try change your pump/breast shield