Hi mummies, I would like to ask how can I increase my milk supply? I've tried: 1) pumping regularly 2) lactation cookies 3) drinking milo 4) taking supplement given by hospital when discharge for milk supply 5) hydrating myself with plenty of water 6) consuming lots of fish 7) let my LO(2months old) to latch, but he always cry and refuse to latch Seeing my supply reducing tremendously after confinement make me very depressed, please help me During confinement my milk supply for each pumping session can reach 160-200ml. But now it's only 40-50ml the most, sometimes even lesser.

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Expressing 40-50ml is just normal for some people, that's about as much as I get when I express. The amount that you express is not the amount that baby gets when direct latching, pumping is harder. Baby is much more effective, so keep on direct latching. I know my baby drinks about 80-100ml when taking EBF from bottle. During the first few weeks (or during confinement) your supply is regulating and your body is defining the amount of milk required. Ideally you shouldn't be expressing in the first few weeks. I'd say that keep on direct latching, having skin to skin, should be ok. Drinking lots of water is important too (I drink about 5 litres a day).

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U can try some of the things on this list. Besides that, being well rested and not stressed over it is important too but it sounds impossible right? I also pumped 40-50 for a v long time. I had a hard time finding my milk booster till I gave up since it was nearing the 6m mark alrdy and I wanted to cut down alrdy. All the best in finding something that works for u. If possible try to do power pump too

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Hydrate, Hydrate and keep hydrating. Milo worked wonders for me. Try this out, take sips of water every 30 to 45 minutes. Pump on a schedule, i pumped every 2 hours. Even if there was no milk, this is to stimulate the breast and production. Oh ya ikan billis worked for me as well I do Not believe in pills or lactation cookies. With that said, to each its own.

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