Increase milk supply

Hi I’m a FTM, EP, just nice supply Lo is 9mth not latching since 2mth My supply sudden drop drastically She is drinking 900-1080ml per day When recently my supply is 700 per day Now using freezer milk. I tried power pump, fenugreek, lactation cookies but still no use. My breasts feel empty… I’m desperate for milk!!! Any more ideas on how can I increase my supply? I hope to give her BM till 18mths

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Super Mum

Hi hun. Try drinking more water, keep yourself hydrated, Massage with warm towel, try not to stress, catch up on sleep, better diet make sure you have a well-balanced diet too, eating enough fruits and vegetables.

2y ago

Best of luck dear.


try to relax but if really not enough just top up with FM, will ease with the transition later on too