Low breastmilk supply

I am 22 days postpartum and am struggling with low supply. I pump around 30 ml a pump and do it every 2/3 hours. Daily, I yield slightly more than 300ml. I even invited a lactation consultant over, who taught me pumping techniques to increase milk supply….i also tried lactation cookies, green papaya fish soup, and am currently taking fenugreek and domperidone. Do you know if milk supply is expected to increase after 1 month? My last resort is to try the almond milk from 2nutguys

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i tried to 2nutguys before my yeild is same actually so not all will work. Have you try power pump like pump 20 mins rest then pump another 20 mins? it will take longer but might work u can do it 1-2 times a day not all the pump. I saw the guide on power pump on legendairy milk Ig. Also when you pump do you switch between pumping and massage mode ? normally i would on massage for 2 mins then pump 10 mins then massage again. This is in order to increase the let down reflect which suppose to help with pumping.

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2mo ago

Thanks. I use only massage mode and for 30 mins. Was told by mount Alvernia nurse not to use expression mode if you don’t see milk “shooting out”.

Mine only increased around 1.5m (from 30-60ml both sides to 180-300ml). But it might also be because I switched to handsfree. I will advise stopping the fenugreek as it may not work for everyone (some will cause supply to drop instead).

2mo ago

Babyexpress be free

I too was desperate for milk supply at , my lactation nurse ordered this for me. but she advised to take it 2-3 days only, then stop it once milk supply increase. you can consult your lactation nurse too.

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Give handsfree pumps a try, my supply also increased after I switched from the hospital grade ones to handsfree. Also rmb to drink plenty of water, at least 3, 4 litres of fluids

Try eating watermelon and sashimi

2mo ago

yes highly recommend sashimi and walnut / almond!!!