How else do you apologise to your spouse without saying 'sorry'? Any creative ideas? Just because I am tired of saying sorry!

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I usually will hold his hand or give him a hug, and he knows that this means I'm trying to apologise without having to actually say sorry. You could write him a card or a note saying 'forgive me?' if you don't want to directly say the words 'I'm sorry'.

Most of the time when I'm angry, I will lock myself in the guest room and plan to sleep there instead of our room. But I always end up sneaking back into our bed in the middle of the night and by the morning, it's as if the fight never happened ;)

You can get a furry bear and paste a simple note to say sorry. For me, when I don't feel like to say sorry, I will just offer a hug or hold my husband's hand. Most of the time, he will forgive me.

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a letter which is personal :) i loved it when my hubby wrote me a huge letter talking about all things he loves about me <3 I completely forgot y i was psst at him

I'll either get his favourite takeaway food or cook one of his favourite meals. Works all the time and whatever tiny argument we had, it's as if it never happened

I'd give him a massage. haha.. his muscles are probably tensed from being angry with me anyway. ;)

How about stopping to do things you have to be sorry about?

Try not to repeat the same mistakem Sneak and hug him in bed :)

Hot steamy sex?! :)

A hug.