Week 14 and constipation

Dear mums, Do you have any magic potion to cure constipation without harming the fetus? I am afraid of pushing too hard (sorry tmi) may affect the fetus or cause bleeding. 1st baby. Please advise.

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Include carrots and bottleguard in your diet regularly. It will not only help in constipation during pregnancy but also keep your tummy cool. Digestive biscuits in moderation also helps. Do check with your gynae for fibre capsules.

Take dates. I drink dates water from dhaqq nutrition Everyday it’s good for you and baby and for overall health , helps with bowel movements, breast milk production u can check them out 🥰

I blend steamed pumpkin into soup and drink it whenever I have trouble and it helps!

Drink at least 8 cups of water. Eat prunes, dragonfruits and yoghurt. Helps for me

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Lots of water, plus take fruits and vegetables Can try prune juice too

Try beetroot ,Lemon and dry grapes juice .. it works good

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Try prune juice and yakult. Yakult worked for me(:

Chia seeds. It really helps me a lot.

I'll drink as much water and vitagen helps too

Get a stool softener from your gynae :)