What do you do when you want to have sex but hubby is always saying he is tired?

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Offer to be the one "doing the work" and he can just lay back and enjoy the show? Haha but if he's exhausted, best to not force it, no one will get satisfied in the end. If it's time and exhaustion getting in the way, maybe you and hubby can "schedule" sex in e.g. on days where you guys are not working. Not the most romantic but it's practical.

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I will see what has made him so tired. If there is some serious thing bothering him then I will drop the idea and rather talk to him and cuddle him, otherwise I will pep him up by dressing up for him, play some music that will act like a foreplay. A good sex will actually desires him and he will feel rejuvenated. ;p

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Wear sexy and arouse him. Be the one who is working and he is enjoying it, he will also coordinated with you back. If he everyday reject you, than i'm sorry but to say, something is wrong somewhere please start checking it out.

have some wine or beer with him over dinner! dress more sexy and loose... make sure he had at least 4 beers or both of you finish 2 bottles of wine.. Let the alcohol and nature of men take over and enjoy...

Cook his favourite dish and have some wine. Be little more romantic by surprising him by setting candle lit dinner. When I put my daughter early to bed, he knows that I have plans for the night. ;p

Try to have a getaway or maybe some off days with personal time. else u may want to get some new lingerie to arouse him n spice up the relationship. man mostly are visual

If he really tired you can try on weekend , but if keep reject maybe you can ask him what happen , try to talk nicely

Maybe foreplay might help him to gain back his mood. Dnt be shy to do foreplay with his asset.

working husband work whole day sure have tiredness, try at holiday or he is not working.

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Wah this is hard. Both have to make an apt to get intimate then.