How do you show appreciation to your husband for all that he does for your kids? I feel the need to show him more than I usually do. Apart from just saying it, what else can I do?

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I made a small gift card together with my daughter (2years old) on fathers' day to thank him for being a supportive hubby and wonderful dad. I also gave him a big hug once in a while and tell him that I appreciated what he has done for us all this while. once in a while, I will ask him to apply a day leave and we will go out as a couple to enjoy movies and food together. you can given book a massage or spa session for both of you. occasionally dress up sexily and give him a surprise.

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My hubby is a super dad and loves to help out with the household chores when he returns home from work. As a way of thank you I always make it a point to cook his favourite meal or dessert. I mostly bake cakes and cookies for him and the boys because they have a sweet tooth and it makes me really happy seeing them enjoying it.

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I take photos of him and my daughter and print then frame them or blow them up for wall art. These make for great special occasion presents (Father's Day, birthday, etc.) It's usually the photos of stolen moments that he loves seeing the most. Or photos where we're all really happy!

I usually show him my appreciation in the small things i do for him. From cooking his favourite food for dinner, bringing him out on dates where we can spend one on one time together to just doing things that he wants to do and makes him happy.

Action speaks louder than words. I will prepare his favourite dishes and try to go on dates often with he kids though. Try to ease off his burden by doing the household chores, taking care of the kids and allowing him to relax while he is home.

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6y ago

Such a great point, do something more than say something.

Cooking his favorite meal is a winning way. Another goodie he'll appreciate is letting him have a whole day of uninterrupted PS4 or World of Warcraft (without the nagging) usually does the trick as well haha.

I would let him give him a weekend off to hangout with his friends, basically an undisturbed weekend that he could sleep in, watch his movies, go for his exercise, anything he enjoys on his weekend off!

How about a surprise visit to his office for a quick lunch date? Any time off from the children and some date plans for just the two of you would be nice too. :)

Should be simple if he's a foodie: make him a delicious 7-course hearty meal while he takes care of the baby.

Best thing my wife ever did was to tell me watching me be a dad was the sexiest thing I do! Double win!!