How do you say sorry to your spouse when you've done something wrong?

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Hello, I know how much it takes to say sorry to your spouse, but at the same time that one can do to ease the relationship. You can break the ice in this simplest way. One should shut one's mind and say it as effortlessly as one can. More you will make it appear as killing your ego, more difficult it would be. It is one of the toughest thing for me as well to do, but now I have with time learnt that it is the surest way to make one's relationship better, that is, to accept that your were wrong and you accept it.

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I am not really expressive. I just plainly say sorry to him but if the incident was quite grave and I still see him affected, I do it in the form of actions instead of uttering the words. I show him that I'm sorry by serving him food, helping him out with the chores, etc.

Hi, Do not make it too complicated in your heart and mind. You will not become small in anyway if you will say sorry. So, make it simple. Just go to him, and say sorry just the way you say, "I love you."

Dun ako sa random moments namin nagsasabi ng sorry. Kapag alam kong malamig na yung ulo nya. :) Feeling ko kapag hihingi talaga ng sorry, dapat mag-antay tayong lumamig ulo ng partner natin. :D

My man dun say it, willingly. He will just poke my muffin top, so that's his sign of telling me that he wants to talk to me again.

Just sorry and hug him, say it was my fault. When it comes to relationship, Ego isnt no 1 anymore.

Sincerely sorry and trying to avoid happening again or improving best self.


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I sheepishly say, oi, don't be angry at me lah....