Always saying the wrong thing?

How do you deal with people who don't respect your boundaries and just run their mouth of by saying they have also given birth and raised kids as well and they know what they are doing.

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This happened to me, especially when I just gave birth. I don't know how to handle it before I got so stressed. Now I just tell them "Every child is different, let me handle my child and let me learn how to take care of him/her." It's like saying, "My child, my rules" but in a kind way. 😊

Correct them with relevant knowledge. If they dun believe, ask them google find out answers share with you. Sometimes can also use this as a trick. I am too busy taking care of baby. No time to research what is which is good. Can u help me? (Then they will realise they are wrong)

Ahh interested to know this too!! Hopefully there are more constructive comments than just "relax, just ignore them"!

Walk away. One ear in one ear out

have an honest conversation

Sorry to hear that

Avoid them pls

1y ago

I don't communicate with in-law and hardly meet them