Saying sorry to kids

Do you apologise to your kids after shouting at them or got impatient with them? Or anything else? How do you go about it?

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my baby is only 1mo+. i do get impatient with her and her fussiness esp at night. im not a very patient person but i try to. whenever i get impatient, i deal with her silently but still kisses and hug her as usual (just dont talk) till i feel better. once i feel better, i will say sorry to her for being impatient and will play awhile w her before putting her back to sleep. though i know she has little to no understanding of this concept and i also know crying is her only way of communication, its not wrong to start apologising to kids. thats what i feel. other than that, im training myself once she grow older too, to give and take, apologise when needed. hehe

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If the extent of my anger was more than appropriate, or if I got upset because I misunderstood what my kid did, I definitely apologise. That day, I witnessed my husband apologising to my daughter too, for being impatient with her. That was a very powerful moment to watch, because it was followed by, “May I give you a hug? Will you forgive me?” And my daughter said yes. I’ve realised that we’re not perfect as parents, and showing our children that we make mistakes too, and owning up to them, as well as apologising, is the best way to teach our children manners and the right way to treat others.

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As an early childhood educator, I shared with many parents about the importance of apologising to a child. It is to educate them that we all make mistakes at some point and we are not afraid to admit it. Sometimes, I came across a child who doesn't apologize and when we talked to the parents, they said that they don't apologize and they do not see the relevance of apology. Definitely a bad trait.

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Yes I do after I calm down. I will tell my child what she did made me mad but I shouldn't have scolded / hit her and I still love her very much. After that will reinforce firmly but gently that what she did was wrong, explain why and not to do it again.

i do. i try to explain what caused me to do that and that its not against her as a person but because i was upset due to what happened. i apologise and i talk to her letting her realise what she did wrong and hopefully it doesn thappen again

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Yes I will apologise and explain to them why mom is so upset . And will So do my best to minimise and will ask them to help me out to refrain myself from This behaviour too . It’s a form of respect that I will give to them too

Why not? If you feel that you have done something wrong, apologise to the kids. It’s also a way to tell them that if you do something wrong, don’t be afraid to own up. :)

Once everyone has cooled down, explain to him why he was being scolded or punished. I will also ask him the cause of his actions, and what should have been done next time.

Saying sorry to kids makes them feel that we care about them and we also don't like scolding them. Hence, I think it is okay to say sorry to kids

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Yes I do every time get cranky on my kid .. until I say sorry my kid become dull.. once I say sorry n give kiss he become active again

3y ago

haha.. I guess while saying sorry is important, we shouldn't overdo it too. But that sounds lovely. Hugs and kisses always work!