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hai mommies ! how are you everyone ! jz wanna ask..actually I'm 24 weeks now ! my weight gained to 4kg in one month ! supposed to be 2kg only ! now doc ask me to monitor my urine test and blood pressure in every 2days once ! anyone knows what's wrong actually ? but in one month I tooks heavy foods also ! or I have to consider about my food ?? any advice ? Thank you much momies !!

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Cuba makan roti ni dan minum 1 gelas air lemon setiap hari.. The Original Sprouted 7 Grains Bread/ The Original Sprouted 3 Seeds Bread. Roti ni boleh beli drpd Jaya Grocer, harga RM8.5. Sihat kalau makan roti ni tapi ia kering sikit, steam kan ia sekejap makan sebagai sandwich ataupun makan dengan lauk (ganti nasi). Berat badan akan terkawal makan roti ni (sebab roti ni khas tuk pesakit diabetes). Masa kita masuk minggu ke-30, tiap2 minggu naik 4kgs dan glocuse test fail. Selepas makan roti ni, setiap minggu naik 1 kgs je dan pass glocuse test.

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3y ago

ok darling !! Thank you very much for your guide !! Have a great day !

hai mommy! sama mcm sy..naik 3kg dlm masa sebulan..stil kena g klinik, cek bp biweekly..so far bp okay je..mybe naik smpai 3kg tu sbb selera mkn dah dtg balik after morning sickness yg terok..smpai turun 3-4kg masa tu 😄

3y ago

yeah I hav to check my urine test and bp 2 days once ! so far no sugar and bp is normal ! anyway Thank you 😊

If u eat bread more than 2 slice of bread everyday, u'll gain weight up to 4kg in a month. 2 slices of bread equal to 1 plate full of rice filled with side dishes and vegetables

3y ago

Make sure to drink 8 glass of plain water.. Reduce sweet and sugary drinks also

u are in the 2nd trimester right? hehe yup, usually 2nd tri most of the mommies eat alot. but you better take care of your weight since because pregnant woman can easily get gdm.

3y ago

yup !! I started to eat eat alot now ! even midnight also ! easily get hungry ! ok dear Thank you anyway😊

haha sama la kita.. tak tahu punca pemakanan mcm mana smpai naik byk, pdahal rasa makan biasa2 ja 😅

Hari tu doc suruh jaga pemakanan sahaja.. Sy dulu naik smpi 7kg dlm 2 bulan 😂

3y ago

wahhhh !! too much dear !! hehe...

nak maintain berat tu.. try minum lemon suam..

3y ago

Ok sis Thank you 😘

Try check gula.. Mana tau kencing manis..

3y ago

no sis ! no sugar at all ! Today jz checked ! anyway Thank you 😊

ade gdm ke?

3y ago

no sis ! mine one is good sugar and bp ! Thank you sis 😘