6weeks pregnant and spotting

Had a miscarriage in january19, however last week i found out that im pregnant. When to KKH last 3days, and went through a vaginal scan. Had brown spotting the next day but no bleeding. Is spotting normal? I went to check again today, took blood test and result its OK! thank god. however is spotting normal?

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I also experienced the same.,im 5weeks pregnant.i had brown spotting.i check with my oB and my baby is ok..i was recommended to take rest and folic acid.,brown spotting is ok as long as it is not heavy spotting.,and now im still observing my spotting.,this is my first pregnancy and i also had my miscarriage before around my 7 to 8 weeks.,so im praying and hoping that this pregnacy will go through..🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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congrats to you. relax babe. light spotting is ok. now you need to relax and be happy. Don't think too -ve things. Don't carry too heavy things and watch your diet. continue with your folic acid and be a happy mum

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Happy to know u got a baby, congrats! Spotting at the initial stage is norm but if it continues then its not normal. Rest well :)

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Its normal in the beginning but not too severe kind. Go to the gynae to ask will be clearer

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Yes normal at early stage during implantation of embryo

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Depends on ppl, some dun experience spotting at all

It’s normal actually but still pls be careful

Is normal but you still have to be careful...

Normal but still rest well

Its Normal! Rest more :)