Threatened miscarriage at week 5

Hi all, I have been having brown spotting before I knew I was pregnant (before missed my period). So I thought it could be implantation bleeding when I tested positive on pregnancy kit. But 2 days later, my brown spotting filled panty liner and next day bleed bright red that’s enough to cover almost 70% of medium pad. I went to KKH O&G and was given duphaston and cause I’m only at week 5, can only see the gestational sac. Today will be my 2nd day on duphaston, there is no bleeding or spotting in the morning but night time have brown spotting that filled 60% of panty liner. Is this normal? How long will the spotting be gone. Had a blighted ovum on Jan.. this will be my rainbow baby, so lost and scared as prev I have no bleeding or spotting :(

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hi there, spotting/bleeding can occur during pregnancy and still be okay but it is definitely not considered a norm. I understand that this can be worrying and stressful but did the doctor say to go back for injection or anything if the bleeding persist? hoping that things will be okay for you.. jiayou and take care.

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8mo ago

Hi the spotting/bleeding is getting better. Seeing my gynae on wed

Hi. Can I ask how many days later your bleeding end? I have similar condition like yours now, and I’m very worried. I went kkh O&G last night after I saw bleeding. But doctor didn’t give me any medication, said might be still too early cos only can see the sac. I still have some bleeding this morning.

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7mo ago

Is your bleeding brown? How many weeks are you? I was given duphaston when week 5 with only the gestational sac.

I’m sorry for what you went thru…. All the best! Also, maybe you can try to seek help from TCM to see how to build your body better to support pregnancies

8mo ago

Just hoping the current pregnancy will stick

continue taking the medication and monitor, it should get better and slowly no more spotting after awhile depending on individual.. try to relax also..

8mo ago

Hi thank you. was your pregnancy? Similar situation now only gestational sac can see at 6 weeks, i had miscarriage before scared it will happen again.

3mo ago

Are you given duphaston?

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wishing you well. be positive. keep worrying not good too. hope all goes well for you.

8mo ago

Thank you