Spotting and no heartbeat

Hey mummies to be, based on my cycle I was supposed to be week 8 last Sunday. I went for scan on last Saturday and it was detected as week 6.3 days. It wasn’t a vaginal scan and slightly blurry. I had spotting this week and I went for another scan today. The size only grew to 6.4 days and there is T heartbeat. Dr was saying it is likely to be a miscarriage but I’m going to do another scan next Saturday just to be sure. Anyone experienced the same?

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Something similar happened to me last year. I went for my first scan at 6 weeks and the foetal age was 6 weeks but 2 weeks later, the scan showed foetal age as 6w2d, it hardly grew and there was no heartbeat. I was told it was a missed miscarriage and I did a D&C to clear it out. The gynae said the foetal development is usually very fast in the initial stage and if there was hardly any growth after a week or two, something went wrong in chemically. Hugs

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8mo ago

I’m having heavy flow now so I guess it is what it is :(

what’s the spotting colour? what you experience isn’t uncommon