Travel in week 12 to 13

We had booked SQ air ticket n hotel to Korea for a free and easy trip earlier on. I calculated I'm at week 6 now. My travel date is around Oct 18, at week 12 to 13. Should I forgo the trip?

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Shld b alright. I travelled to HK when I was in my 12th week of pregnancy. Just make sure to take rests whenever you feel tired. Don’t overdo with the itinerary.. :) Enjoy! But of course, do check in with your gynae too...

Dont forget to get an indemnity form fit to travel from your gynae..airlines and security check points will require it.


I travelled when I was 14 weeks! Depending on your condition - check with ur gynae and see what he or she recommends

Super Mum

Best to check with your gynae as it depends whether you are at risk of miscarriage or not. Ultimately up to you.

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Shud b fine.. just plan your trip with very little activities as u might get tired easily

Thanks thanks! I only seeing gynae next Mon. Do u have any advice what to take note

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shouldn't be a problem unless u facing some issue now. cn also check with gynae

Best to check with you gynae... some ppl will avoid travel 1st trimester

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Should be OK but best to reconfirm with your gynae

Super Mum

I travelled during week 14.