Travelling at 14 weeks pregnant

Hi all. I'd like to know if it's safe to travel by plane while pregnant. My family and I are planning to go on a trip to Langkawi next week. I'm 13 weeks + now and turning 14 weeks next Monday. I had a scan at 12 weeks and doctor said my baby is normal. But I forgot to ask my doctor about travelling. Any advice?

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it is best to check with your gynae whether it’s ok for you to travel. Generally it is safe to travel up to a certain period if your pregnancy has no complication. If you have started showing, good to get a letter from doctor as well. The airline will get you to sign an indemnity form before you fly.

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Ask ur dr again to cfm. Your dr shd issue youba letter. Just don't do hiigh impact activity when you are in langkawi and rest after an hr of walking


It's OK just ask gyne for a letter will do! I went Japan when I'm 14 weeks too and Taiwan when I'm 27 weeks.

My gynae is telling me that the best time and safe to travel is 14 weeks to 28 weeks

Travel during my wk 14 & 22 . So its safe but best to get your gynae advice

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Travelled in my 11 or 12th week. Then in 24th. Take it slow n easy..

It’s fine & let the gyane know as well😀

Yes. Let your gynae know as well.

Yes it’s safe to travel.

It’s fine to travel.