Tried getting off social media for sometime?

Do you find being off from social media easy?

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Believe it or not, I do not have Instagram, Facebook nor Twitter and it was the best decision I ever made after I got married. Less drama, less fights. Haha. I don’t feel the urge to check on my husband’s FB either. The less I know, the better cause the truth will somehow surface some day IF he is doing something behind my back. Which is true cause I eventually found out he went out with his friends couple of weeks ago, ah the betrayal! But why bother why bother.. for my sanity, I’d rather keep things private about my personal life. My colleagues or bosses don’t need to search for me either lol. Friends and families don’t need to know what goes on in my life either, and start spreading gossip. Especially when you post pics of your child, or yourself doing something and the comments are sometimes ridiculous or mindless.. Ahh too much drama to handle as you know you can never shut people’s mouths, there will always be something to talk about even good or bad, isn’t it? 🤣 So why give them a reason to talk about you or your child, or husband, or family members? Let it be private. Peace of mind.

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yes. i find it a waste of time to scroll through mindlessly. but it’s impossible to detach entirely, maybe a few days?

No, it's difficult for me. This is the only way to make myself busy and not thinking about my problems.

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Yes. Just need to hands off from my phone

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Not difficult (:



Not easy